Top 5 Productivity Tips for Bloggers to Get More Done In Less Time

Top 5 Productivity Tips for Bloggers 

The online world is full of fun, lot of learning, the place to kill time & comes with a huge price of distractions. Especially for people like you & me who spend a lot of time online, understand how distractions stops us from reaching out goal. In the past, I have struggled to stop all these distractions & focus on work. It took me some time to form a habit & focus on things that need immediate attention as well is productive in the right way.

I have nothing against these distractions like Facebook, Youtube & many such sites as long as I’m using them in a controlled manner & they are not affecting my day-to-day chores. But to be honest, it just takes a few seconds to open something in a new tab & loose the focus from the real deal. If you are facing similar kind of situation in your life, well I have few tricks that could help you avoid distractions & have a guilt free sleep at the night.

Especially if you are a part-time blogger who is planning to make a career in blogging, well you should need to manage your time more effectively. If you spend you initial few months the right way, your dream of quitting your job & living an internet lifestyle won’t be just a dream.

So let’s get started with the things that can do wonder for you & help you achieve your blogging goals.

Practical tips on making your online life more productive:

Don’t open Facebook or email as first thing in the morning

One of the most common habits that we all develop over the time is to check the emails & Facebook in the morning. Is int it great to see notifications on Facebook & we feel like so many things happened while we were sleeping. Similarly, email is another thing that many of us like to check in the morning. Most of the time, the purpose is just to find one important email & delete all unwanted emails. This gives us a false sense of achievement & we feel like we did something meaningful. Try to make Facebook work for you, not against you! Don’t let Facebook suck your precious time that can be spent on creating great content.

Let me tell you, it’s not going to be easy to change this habit, but you must. Reason being, your morning defines your day & one should start the morning by focusing on the important thing first. Before you even check your email or Fb or your blog comments, you should exercise (if you are into this), get fresh & then go online. To make your morning more productive, I would recommend start with writing or research work. At morning, your mind is more active & you can do important work such as writing or learning in a better way. As the day unfolds your productivity decreases & work like email or Checking Facebook could be done at that time.

You should ask yourself?

What I do is, usually create a To-do list for next day (I use Wunderlist) & start with those things first which require more creativity or detailed attention.   Then start working on them without overthinking. This may seem to be tough in the beginning, it would be almost impossible for you if you’re a Facebook addict – but try, try this until you succeed. Certainly you’ll notice better results on your blog.

Use Pomodoro technique

Pomodoro is a technique that can help you get things done in less time. You’ll be more productive when you follow Pomodoro tool. It’s a time-management technique developed in 1980’s. Especially in today’s date, those who are working online should use this technique. This will ensure you will get things were done & you won’t affect your health in the longer run.

Here’s the summary about Pomodoro technique

  • Set time for 25 mins
  • Focus on ONE task
  • Finish at least 3 Pomodoro per day

You can download Pomodoro timer here. I used to use Focusbooster on Mac which used to be free but now it’s a premium tool. The key factor behind making Pomodoro work for you is, don’t give up. It might feel funny in the beginning but within few days, you will feel that you are getting all important things done in time. 

Learn to write faster blog posts

Writing faster yet better blog posts is always an asset for any blogger. If you want to be a productive blogger, then you must learn how to write faster blog posts.

As you have to spend more time on creating contents on your blog. So, there’s no excuse, if you can’t produce great blog posts in less time. Writing faster blog posts is not a skill, but it becomes easy when you’ve a habit of writing daily – that’s the only secret.

Here are two more ways to write faster blog posts almost every time.

Use desk for Mac:

Desk writer for Mac

This is a distraction-free writing tool that can be downloaded from Mac App store. It helps you write faster blog posts without getting distracted. I’ve been using this writing tool for several months now, and I’m glad that I’m using desk App. It works with all major blogging sites & you can also blog offline. Try to add soothing music, creates a great environment for you to write without having any distractions or noise.

Do you know WordPress have inbuilt distraction free writing? Learn here on how to use it.

Don’t edit while writing:

This is another tip that will make you write faster blog posts. Most bloggers often edit their contents to make their posts perfect. I’m not suggesting you to don’t edit it at all, but make sure you focus on the writing part first.

Once you finish writing your blog posts, you can go ahead with the editing part. This way you’ve two benefits, one is, you’ll be writing without any distractions of editing, other is, you’ll be spending time on the editing part once you finished writing the post!

Make sure your working space is clean and uncluttered

Clean Home office

This is more of a personal choice & when I was a bachelor, I had a busy home office. When I say busy, I meant filled with distractions. Over the time, I learned to keep things in order (Trust me it’s a hard thing to learn), I find myself to start loving my working space more.

From my experience, I highly recommend everyone to keep their working desk clean and uncluttered, follow some basic ethics like not bringing snacks on your table, etc.

The more simple your working space is, the more productive you will become, it’s as simple as that. If you want to make most of your working space, invest some money on bringing a better table where you can sit without any troubles, make sure your ergonomics is perfect while spending your time on the computer.

Create to-do lists each day before you sleep

I mentioned about those above & this one is so important that I had to give it a separate section. To-do lists work fantastic if you want to spend productive time online. Because, to do lists give you clear directions of what to do in the particular day, so your mind always keeps alarming you about your to-do lists.

How can you create better to-do lists?

Think on paper. Before creating your to-do lists, write what you want to achieve in a paper. This way there will be no disturbance for you to create and organize your to-do lists.

Make sure you’re not putting so many tasks in your to-do lists. The lesser tasks on your to-do lists, the better you can achieve them all. Limit your to-do lists to 3 to 4 most important tasks.  And start working on them one after the other, begin with your most important task in the hand. This way you’ll be able to do more things in less time.

Wunderlist to do

Another thing that you should do is, whenever a work comes into your mind, add it into To-do list. This is one trick suggested by the master psychologist, as it helps you to declutter your mind. Since you have already written about the task somewhere, it will not bother you when you are working on something else.

Over to you:

Do you have any more tips to get more things done in less time? Please do share them in the comment section below, I would be very glad to hear from you guys

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