Professional blogging Vs. Hobby Blogging: Which One is You?

Professional Blogger

We categorize blogging in two ways- one is professional blogging and other is blogging as a hobby. A hobby is an act of doing something in your leisure time in order to relax yourself. You need not be under any pressure to do it.  Whereas professionalism is act of doing something for money and gaining profit at a certain period of time with proper ethics.

Professional blogging is turning out to be quite common among the bloggers. Rather almost every blogger wishes to have a tag of a professional blogger. But there are many bloggers who start blogging as a hobby but later on develop it as professional blogging.

Which is preferable – Professional blogging or blogging as  a hobby

1. Ones who blog as a hobby usually do it in their leisure time which may be late at night before sleeping, early in the morning or in the afternoon but professional blogging is usually restricted to be completed within a certain period of time. A blogger who is blogging for a hobby can delay his / her work but  a professional blogger can’t.

2. Ones who write blog posts as a hobby are usually the beginners and it is appropriate for them to do so because this will help them to know the menace of blogging and then later on getting into the roots of the blogging world. Professional blogging is usually taken up the ones who are experienced in this field.

3.  A professional blogger getting numerous comments and social shares is assumed to be a “so called expert” in his/her niche and visitors ask as many questions to bloggers, whereas blogging as a hobby is taken up so as to get a thorough knowledge in a particular niche  so that the blogger can step out to the professional world and sustain there.

4. It is very well known by all my blogger friends that no website visitors is very annoying because after all these visitors only help us in becoming a blog brand whether in professional blogging or in blogging as a hobby. The new professionals in this blogging biz at times get demotivated with zero comments, zero social shares, and many more. In that case it is good to start blogging as a hobby and increase your fan following rather than getting demoralized with none of them as a professional blogger and sometimes even putting an end to the blogging career.

5. Ones who take up professional blogging can make good money through blogging. The only thing is that you should know the ways of doing that. Earning a few hundred dollars is easily achievable within a month and can even take up to thousands of dollars . Ones who take up blogging as a hobby may not focus much on this. But users subscriptions to newsletters or RSS feeds are handier tools of getting income.

But let me warn you that the very initial stage of blogging doesn’t earn you money. You should have some patience over it. If you are into professional blogging then you better make this as a side business.

 Conclude – Professional blogging vs blogging as a hobby

Both professional blogging and blogging as a hobby is weightier in it’s own sense because it can be taken up depending upon the capabilities of the blogger.

Which one do you prefer to have – professional blogging or blogging as a hobby

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