Reasons of being pro-active in building blogging network

blog-networkA blogging network is a group of blogs of different bloggers who are connected to each other in a network. Blogging network can either comprise of a individual blogs or a collective blogs owned by a common blogger or same company.

The purpose of the advent of blogging network is to promote the other blogs of the same network and therefore increase the advertising revenue generated from online advertising on the blog.

Reasons of being pro-active in building blogging network

#1 Beneficial for the readers and blog owners

Blogging networks gives ample blog posts to the readers and good information by intermingling, aggregating and hyperlinking information between the networks.

This also increases the personal visibility of the bloggers and their exposure. Advertisers also prefer to post advertisements in blogs that are members of the blogging networks. So a way of making money for bloggers.

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#2 Support from other bloggers

Once you are in a blogging network you will get support from others in case your are in a problem like problems related to blogging or technical problems. You will have an entire team to solve your problems. All you need to do is to come up with a great content and writing in a mind pleasing way so that your co-bloggers respect you as a quality blogger and come forward to help you out.

But a warning to you – if you are helping them out then do it without any expectation. For full details read this post without any expectation – Why you should help your fellow bloggers without any expectation?

#3 Facilitate online marketing

Blogging is a very effective way of marketing products and services. This becomes easy if you are in a network. Your primary visitors are your fellow bloggers and they will trust you more than others. So they will be more helpful to you in your marketing campaign.

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They will enhance the sales of your blog.

# 4 Quality traffic

Grabbing traffic and that also quality traffic is one of the biggest concerns of a blogger. You get good amount of referral traffic through your fellow bloggers in the blogging network. Your commenting strategies in some one else’s blog will cherish if done on a network. Bloggers outside your blogging network might not come back to your blog but chances are there for your fellow bloggers to do so.

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Blogging networks generally pay their bloggers to write, some of them get a share of ad revenue, others get a salary based on page views, while still others get paid per post.

Subscriptions, commenting and pay per clicks generate good revenue for you. Your co-bloggers will subscribe to your blog and even click to the paid links.

#5 Relation building

It is good for the health of the growth of the blogs of bloggers if they have good relation with other bloggers. This relation building is very important for the prosperity of the blog. It will also suffice the requirement of returning visitors to your blog. who are the real visitors to your website.

# 6 Develop blogging skills

Very few bloggers have the skills of developing a successful blog. These blogging network provide a large range of skills to the bloggers and enable them to become expedite in blogging. You can even distribute the secondary works for your blog like SEO, commenting, bookmarking,etc and you yourself can devote ample amount of time to write a quality content.

#7 Blogging reputation

You being a part of the blogging network is a matter of good reputation for you. You will get good popularization and fan-following for a blog. This will build your profile too. And even if you are not a part of the blogging network and you get a break through for working for a blog network then it’s a good boon for you.

 Final words

Working, speaking or being a part of the blogging network is a very effective way of making your stand in the blogosphere. The things which you will not learn as a stand alone blogger, you learn them here. Professional bloggers are there to help you out provided if you keep good relation with them.

So, a message to all my blogger friends if you are keen to build a good reputation and have an impressive profile then you do not think to join a blogging network.


  1. Joel says

    I know it might seem redundant to say, but I think enjoyment should be a part of the cycle also. When it comes to blogging or writing in general, anyone is able to gain skill writing, but what people want to read is either passion, drama, or at least some amusement. I know the blogs I read draw me in for any and all of these reasons.

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