Referral Traffic ! Why you should try to get it more

Referral-TrafficReferral traffic is the direct traffic which you get from the sources other than the search engines. The resources which are providing this referral traffic like social bookmarking sites, social media sites, the reference given by some other blogger for your blog or website. Google analytics classifies referral traffic when any hyperlink is clicked that takes a user to another website.

This traffic can also be called a recommended traffic because it also comes from the recommendations of your friends and colleagues to their known ones who will visit your blog and will increase the web traffic. This kind of traffic plays an important role in bringing online visibility to your website.

Why is it important to get more referral traffic ?

  • Provides a steady source of web traffic

Since this kind of traffic is coming from your loyal visitors like your friends, family and your fellow bloggers, so it is a steady source of web traffic.  They will be keep coming to your blog  to see the latest updates. Referral traffic drives targeted audience to your site and provides traffic outside search engine hits.

Getting traffic from search engine hits is a lengthy time consuming process but referral traffic is a quicker mode of getting traffic.

  • Increases the page ranking of your website

This high PR boosts the higher google search results. This page rank increases because of the increasing web traffic to your website. The listing on the first page of google will bring you more traffic than being listed on the sixth page.

  • Enhances money making from your blog

Referral traffic helps you in making money from your blog. Since it welcomes the targeted audience to your website so they will increase the sales margin. Revenue is generated by pay-per-click ads, making paid subscriptions, viewing ads and many more. So referral traffic increase the conversion rate. More clicks and more sales.

  •  Absolutely targeted by the visitors

Your referral resources will have a low bounce rate, more page views per user and more time spent on your site than your search engine traffic. Guest posts, social media sites, social bookmarking sites will provide the right kind of traffic which will stay longer to  your blog. Your referral traffic is 100 % targeted and this makes this kind of traffic preferable.

How to bring referral traffic to your website ?

Guest Post – This is a very efficient way of getting referral traffic to your website. If you can set a regular guest posting schedule, all the better, because that allows you to keep your referral traffic from those sources steady over time.

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Social Networks – These social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and google+ are also natural contenders for bringing in referral traffic. Facebook and Google+ connects you to your friends around the globe you can informally promote your website to them and LinkedIn connects you to the people in the professional world.

Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking sites or sites that allows you to bookmark and tag various online resources, are another easy fix for your referral traffic craving.

Online Forums – Interact with your friends or fellow bloggers in online forums and give them the reference to your website.

Concluding words

Referral traffic is  valuable in online marketing because it sends interested readers and qualified potential customers to your website from other sites. This referral traffic also provides SEO benefits since it is driven either by inbound link or social activity. It is not easy to increase referral traffic, but it is possible with effort that should be done after publishing your blog post.

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