Why It’s Important To Share Blog Post on Social Media & Direct Benefits?


How often you feel that you not getting traffic you deserve?

Don’t you also want to get traffic like other pro-bloggers & automate the whole process. The #1 thing which you need to do is distribute your content often on various social-media platform.

If you share your post on Facebook or Twitter just after publishing, and never reshare it in future, you are missing a lot of potential visitors on your blog. Do remember, these visitors convert into regular reader & that’s how your traffic gradually increases over the time.

Share posts means to share it over social media sites, social bookmarking sites and even to the living social community to which you belong among your friends and relatives. Social media can give you immediate access to literally thousands or millions of visitors. Moreover, when these readers read & like your content, they share it again on their profile & help you get more traffic.

Here I will share some tools & tricks for social media sharing of your content, but for now let’s understand what are the benefits you get for sharing content.

How important it is to share posts?

1. Bring back the visitors

Most of the visitors do not take an immediate action when they visit your website like subscribing, downloading, buying, commenting, sharing, etc. In that case when you share posts written by you on social networks then they will feel the urge to visit it again, when they will view your site again and again.

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2. Can reach out to millions of users globally

Do you know Facebook have 1.19 billion monthly active users & can you even imagine what would happen if any of your post goes viral?

Let’s be realistic & lets talk about 100 or 1000 people sharing one of your article. This could do wonder for your blog. Social media sites gives you the opportunity to reach out to an unlimited number of audience in an incredible way. Your visitors staying miles away from you and seas across , scattered all over the globe are connected with just a single mouse click with the help of social media sites. So why not share posts and bring visitors from all ends. Social media has gone mobile so it has turned out to be easier to share posts.

Here are some of the social media sites which I suggest you to be active on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google plus (Great for SEO)
  • Pinterest
  • Flipboard

3. Lot of information and opinions by website visitors

The more you share posts written by you on social media the more opinions and information you will gather and this is good for the betterment of the quality of your posts. Every visitor is holding a different thought so it is good to gather it up and put it in your blog post.

Various ways & platform to share your blog posts:

1. Share on social media sites

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn allows you to flexibly share posts.

The world’d largest social networking site – Facebook lets you share posts without much complexity. So it is nothing that readers will have to think twice before doing so. All you have to do is to deliver them a quality and a soul pleasing content.

Twitter which is another social media site leading in the list of the social networking sites also provides a fastest and effective way to share a great blog post. Sharing and retweeting a link in Twitter can spread the craze fire of your post.

You can use social media automation tool call Hootsuite (Works with all the platform) or PostPlanner (Works with Facebook & Twitter) to automate the process. Here is a smart trick, on a weekend, grab a cup of coffee & use Hootsuite or Postplanner to schedule 1-2 posts every day. This will ensure your social media profile stay active & with little work you will drive constant traffic from social media platform. Have a look at clean interface of Postplanner social media tool:

Postplanner dashboard

If you feel like sharing your blog post to increase the professional value of your blog then LinkedIn is there to share posts. It will then be shared all over to your business network.

2. Share on social bookmarking sites

Share post on Flipboard

Social bookmarking sites are still a popular way to get traffic to your blog. Sites like Reddit, Flipboard can do wonders in term of traffic. Not only it will drive immense traffic, it will also drive highly targeted traffic. I had a great experience with Flipboard app, and you should definitely use it.

3. Sharing on personal level

You can share posts with your friends and relatives on personal level also.

Emails : A very primitive medium of sharing articles. Electronic mailing system was invented long time before social media and social  bookmarking sites. You can share posts with your closed ones through emails. Though it is not possible to reach out to that number of people as it is done by the social networks but your posts can at least reach out to some of them.

An example of Wisestamp signature

An example of Wisestamp signature

Trick: You can use free Wisestamp addon, which automatically shows your latest post in email signature. One dirty yet very effective way to get traffic via email.

What else are you using for sharing & promoting your post?

There are numerous ways of sharing & promote your posts but I have laid a few of them in front of you which you find the most handy.

In what way do you share posts with your friends, family, other visitors and even your fellow bloggers?

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