The Ultimate Guide for writing your first Guest Post

Guest postGuest post is very helpful in establishing yourself as a brand blogger. SEO optimization is not the only factor to increase web traffic to your website. Guest Posts also contributes a lot to it. It gives you a platform to establish yourself as blogger among the crowd of visitors, especially if you are a beginner.

Writing a guest post on a massively popular blog gives you tons of visitors, most of them who turn out to be returning visitors. All you have to do is to write an amazing content. Getting your guest post accepted by the bloggers and being published on their site is not easily achievable. Your content should be very inspiring and informative, and then only it will pull the visitors towards your guest post.

Today I will be sharing with you the ultimate guide for writing your first guest post in order to make it easily achievable.

Firstly, You should avoid some of the general mistakes in guest post like.

1.No proper strategy

Write guest posts to increase goggle ranking”- If this is the strategy that is being followed by you then you are wrong and will ultimately land up nowhere as a guest blogger rather I would say as a blogger. A good and eye-catching content should be your primary goal rest goggle ranking will follow you. 

2. Choosing an unpopular blog

Making guest post in a blog is fine but you have to target the popular blogs which are mostly visited by website visitors. You should do an ample amount of search for it.

3.Speaking only about yourself

Talk about the known people, about the general things which will prove beneficial for your visitors and not about you own self. No one is interested in knowing about you. Your post rather I would say your guest post about which we are basically talking about, should act as mirror for your audience where they can see their own self and realize the mistakes which they do and the things they should do.

4.Writing about the common topics

We all like to know about new things. So visitors will be more attracted towards your guest post if it contains new topics. Common topics will not create interest among visitors.   

Secondly, Make presentable Guest Post.

1.No grammatical errors

Guest bloggers are humans and humans are prone to errors. But too many grammatical errors irritate the reader who will finally move away. The best way to avoid this is to proofread your article twice-thrice.

2.Spelling Mistakes

Spelling mistakes creates a bad impression and your visitors will not be interested in your guest post if there are too many.

3.No images in the guest post

Images add color to your article. It makes it more presentable because images speak a thousand words itself.  If your guest post has an attractive image in the beginning then it urges the reader to move further and read the entire guest post.     

4.Improper fonts and indentation

Never use a font which makes it difficult for the reader to read and understand. Also keep the font size moderate- neither too big nor too small. Also give an eye soothing color to the fonts. Proper paragraph indentation is also important to make your article look good.

Thirdly, Keep visitors intact to the website..

1.Make discussions

The more you discuss in your guest post more the readers will keep themselves intact to the website on which your post is published. All you have to do is to ask sensible questions and put up discussions in the comment section of blog post. Comments, RSS, email subscriptions for newsletters hike the web traffic. Discussions creates a call to action which will develop an urge to do some action.

2.More number of links

Don’t forget to link your guest post especially the first one to the articles of the owner of the blog. This will give the owner feel that you read and appreciate their content. Moreover it will give visitors to their blog posts also and they will invite more of yours guest post in future

Final Conclusion

If you want to be a regular contributor to a blog then do follow the above guidelines. Guest posting can take you to two ways- One is you will become a popular guest blogger and will also flourish someone else’s blog by grabbing attention of the audience and second is neglect your own blog by not making any posts there. So, you should balance both ways. Try to urge bloggers to make guest posts in your blog also the way you are doing it for others. This will keep you happy both ways.

This is all I have to say in this post, now it’s time for you speak by answering the below questions

  •  What strategies did you adopt other than the ones mentioned above while writing your first guest post?
  • Do you agree with me that guest posts contribute to the increasing web traffic?

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