Think twice before taking advice from self claimed gurus

You as a blogger whether a newbie or an experienced blogger must have had blogs which you follow . But do not trust blindly on your self claimed  persons or blogging gurus because they can also make mistakes. So, you should think twice before taking advice from your self claimed gurus.

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Reasons of thinking twice before taking advice from self claimed gurus!

1. Some of your self claimed gurus are new bloggers themselves, They themselves have less blogging experience and have not seen the ups and downs in blogging. Most of the times they relate those experiences which they have never experienced. This leads you to false doings and you end up in doing something which will not give you anything in return.

2. You will find many self claimed blogging gurus who are fake and will not do any thing good to you rather will harm you in turn. You plan to do something good for your blog but you put yourself back upon the advice of your self claimed guru. He/she didn’t do anything good to you rather has harmed you.

3. These self claimed gurus may at times demotivate your blogging spirit by laying down some negative outcomes which might not have been experienced by them as a result you will think that the same will happen with you too. You will be put back from doing something which could have given you positive results.

4. At times your blogging gurus will give some juicy fake blogging rules which will take you away from the path of originality which a blogger should follow. You begin to follow their fake paths which will have a negative impact on your blogging career.

5. There are times when your self claimed gurus will criticize your blog posts which will put your moral down and you will belief them without finding out the true facts. They will give you invaluable suggestions which you shouldn’t have followed.

6. Your self claimed gurus will make profit out of you when you will lose money and time. You will lose your visitors by following a wrong path and moving away from the path of originality. Your money making techniques will not give you fruitful results.

 Final Thoughts

It is good to take advice from experienced bloggers but listen to your insights also before following the verdict of your self claimed gurus. So it is also very important to give a second thought before acting on an advice of your self claimed guru.

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  1. Phil McDermott says

    If someone blindly follows someone without the background check, then I’d blame it completely on the receiver’s side. Everyone’s life is in their control.
    You know people like to criticize others, but trust me if you are confident and believe in work and yourself, then you should just ignore move on. Blaming isn’t going to help you reclaim your life. If you plan something just do it, let it fail or gain, but just don’t get drowned by outside opinion, it is only going affect your life. Apply your thoughts not opinions.

    After reading the whole article, I must ask you a question. Are these your real life experiences? Because I see a lots of mismatch and emotion in this post.

  2. says

    Hi Phil,

    Yes you are correct. But this post was not targeted towards experienced bloggers or anyone particular as they already know the bad side. I was thinking of writing it so as to make the new bloggers aware what goes on on the marketing part of a blog. I frequently see people sharing huge claims without any supporting proof, that would help them to bring fortunes in their life’s. The most new bloggers falls in the trap and gets misguided. Even I have been tempted and its natural to see the glitter in the first place.

    I have been frequently visiting the Marketing blogs and found that many of them were written to sell products without thinking about the benefit to the customers. Now the false claims are show cased in such a way that only experienced minds will be able to catch out the tricks.

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