Top 3 Free blogging platforms for starters

Blogging doesn’t cost you money, it costs you time and patience then why should you pay for blogging platforms  ? To cut these expenses we have free blogging platforms. Especially the starters who have just stepped in to the blogging career, need not pay for the hosted sites for blogging when so many free blogging platforms are available.

Blogging is turning out to be popular day by day. It is a medium of expressing your thoughts, your interests and your presence and popularity over the interest. Not only that blogging also allows to make money but it takes a lot of time to do it. So before that there is no need of developing, hosting and deploying on your own. Use free blogging platforms then.

Best free sites to start your own blog:

1. is a popular choice of the bloggers among the free blogging platforms. It happens to be one of the most feature rich platforms. It provides you with tons of design templates to chose from widgets, to help you make your blog look more attractive.

The facilities provided by

  • Free allows you to blog for free, share your thoughts and ideas for free. It is an open source blogging platform that also totally free. It will cost you extra only if you want to add on some extra features to it so as to enhance your blogging features in order to have a blog brand.

  • Automatic saving in drafts allows to automatically save file in drafts. So while writing an article even if you don’t save it, WordPress will save it automatically for you.

  • Fights for Spam

You don’t have to install multiple antispam plugins in your word press blog because it has pre-installed Akismet which blocks spam in the background. So protecting your blog against spam is not an issue in WordPress.

  • SEO friendly

Word press is automatically backing up your blogs and with self ping feature. This feature sends ping to different search engines while blogs are being updated. Also there are lot of plugins available for WordPress which can extend its reach out to the search engines.

  • Simplifies blogging

It is a popular free blogging platforms because it simplifies blogging to a great extent. A person without any technical knowledge can also use

  • Provides Centralized database

WordPress provides a centralized database, it can be accessed from anywhere you wish to do.

If you want to take your blogging to next level, then you should use self-hosted WordPress blog. For this, you can pick any of the best WordPress hosting & install WordPress on it using one click installer. Installing WordPress is free & after that you can monetize it using Google AdSense & others ad program.

2. Blogger

Google blogger is a well known blogging service that offers many features to its users. It is easy to use and is very much preferred by the starters while choosing their free blogging platforms. Blogger provides great features for free for which you have to pay in case of other free blogging platforms. Blogger is owned by google which is enough to justify the reasons of choosing this among the free blogging platforms.

The facilities provided by Blogger

  • Free

Blogger is 100 % free to use unlike in which you have pay for installing the special features. So it is a good start for the newbies, where they can start their blogging career for free. It doesn’t even cost you for the domain name. While choosing blogger as the blogging platform you simply have to choose the domain name and if it is uncommon then you use it.

  • Monetization

Blogger provides a money making facility to the users. It provides a number of blogging themes which gives a free advertising space. You can also use pay-per click programs by using blogger. You can use these templates or even customize it without having any knowledge of HTML or any other web scripting language.

  • No need for installation

There is no need to install blogger so even the ones belonging to non-technical background, will not face any problem with it.

  • Get help from google

As Blogger is managed by google,  all other google programs and services work seamlessly together. Google also provides support  and an online community which is very helpful for you in case you are stuck up some where.

3. Tumblr


Tumblr is a feature packed free blogging platform. It caters to the young crowd . It provides facilities like audio based blogging, blogging themes and free customized blogging domains. Tumblr allows you to integrate blogging with social media.

The facilities provided by Tumblr

  • Customization facility

With tumblr you can choose a theme as the starting point but can customize it with enhanced usage. It also allows to add advertisements and a custom domain name.

  • Free

Tumblr also allows free usage and doesn’t charge for the additional features or tools.

  • Gives convenience

By using booklets, mobile apps, phone posting and other tools it is very convenient to post content on tumblr.

Final words

There is along list of the free blogging platforms but the above mentioned three are preferable. Blogging is all about sharing and enlarging your network, so be very precise with your choice for the free blogging platforms. Your choice for the free blogging platforms is dependent upon your target market, your budget, social media integration and many more.

Do you also prefer these free blogging platforms or some other ? Tell your choice in the comment section.

What features do you prefer to have in the free blogging platforms ?

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