Top 5 Reason You Should Change The Fonts Of Your Blog

Change The FontsWordPress, as we all know is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) online preferred by around 87% of the bloggers. WordPress accompanied by its huge list of features is the best way to manage a blog and customize it according to our need. Aforementioned features carried along with its vast database of both free and paid themes and plugins makes the power of this CMS to be quite high whilst compared to others like Drupal and Blogger (also referred to as Blogspot). Once one has done away with most of the customization, choosing the most suitable and easily readable font comes into the scene. And that is what we, shall be covering in our post today.


So without any further delay let’s just dive into the “Top 5 Reason you should change the fonts of your blog”

1) Readability Your visitors, readers or what you call traffic should easily be able to read the content which is possible only if you happen to have a simple yet readable font allotted to the text.

2) Make a change, stand out- Gone are the times when only 3 or 4 types of fonts were available because today, we happen to have countless fonts each standing out uniquely in its own way. Nowadays, everyone wants one of a kind design which the other person shall not be using and makes his/her website/blog stand out from the crowd. Making a change in the font can easily prove to bring that change along with some designing on the side.

 3) Handing out the “arial”- Arial and times new roman are the most common fonts found on each blog. Bloggers have now even started opting for more regular and handwriting-like fonts which make it look much better and sometimes even happen to suit the design of the blog. Times new Roman and Arial were the past whilst new hand-like fonts are what’s hot in the fonts niche.

 4) Bold and Beautiful- Using different fonts in the same content can allow you to grab instant attention of the user and thus even improve the bounce rate by not letting the users away by showing them a couple of para’s of text in which most readers aren’t very accustomed to. Talking about use of different texts, you might think that Bold and italic function can easily do the job for you, but let me tell you that you will definitely get more results if you happen to convey the message you wish in just one line which somehow outlines the whole post/article.

Note: Using different colors can also help you grab instant attention, but make sure to color out only a line or a phrase.

 5) Suit the reader and the design In case you happen to have a theme which doesn’t go well with the font, then you might just have the need to change the font for your WordPress blog. Your design should go well with the font and should be appreciated by the users, you can go on and look out for other blogs which have opted for newer and better fonts and likewise make a change .

If you are aware of any reasons why you should change or should not change it. Do let us know in the comment section and we would be happy to update it with your name and suggestion in the main post.


  1. Settler says

    nice article anubhav, can you please suggest some of the best font except Ariel and New roman which I can use on my tech blog

    • says

      Hi Viney,

      Thanks for dropping by. Yes I will definitly suggest you with the fonts and your comment has inspired me to write a post about how to check it yourself with out giving much time behind it.

  2. Adrienne says

    Hi Anubhab,

    I have always hated Times New Roman and Arial is boring. When I bought my Thesis theme I immediately changed to Trebuchet. It’s one of my favorite fonts.

    Now, I did use a plug-in to give me different fonts throughout my posts but when I started having issues with it my text wasn’t showing up so I scratched that one altogether and just went back to the way things use to be.

    I think it’s good to change things up and not be so boring. Let your subheadings stand out so they can be seen.

    Great suggestion and I definitely agree.

    Nice blog and thanks for sharing this.


    • says

      Hi Adrienne,

      You are very correct to the point of usual fonts being boring. I have carefully studied many popular and big blogs and found they always change or tend to move towards, more experimental fonts and I must say we all love them. And since heading is the line that decides whether a visitor will or will not read your post, it must always catch the eyes in every way possible. Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you often here.

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