Top 5 reasons of having a mobile blog site!

Mobile-Blog-Theme-300x245Why not go for a mobile blog site when mobile phones have become one of the biggest craze of today’s generation. One important thing that is being done by the web developers is optimizing their websites for mobile application.

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The next important thing is to develop a mobile blog site. When smart phones are giving so many facilities of working on internet from mobile phones without even putting on your laptop or personal computer then why not use them. Blogs are actually a brain relaxation tonic for tired brains , then it is good to read the blog posts of your favorite blogs by simply leaning down and surfing net on mobile phone rather than making an effort to sit on your computer.

A handful number of your website visitors are the mobile users, so check out for more reasons of having a mobile blog site.

Reasons of having a mobile blog site

1. Less loading time

A mobile blog site will take less time to load because it is optimized for mobile applications. It has less number of features like images and videos which makes a website heavy. The ones who are on a move usually prefer mobile blog sites. In that case they prefer to get information at a quick glance and from the websites which will load fast. Quickly loading websites provides a quick browsing facility.

2. Stand up in the competition

This online world is a world of competition and you have to wait in a long queue to come to the upfront. In that case if you are beaten up by your fellow bloggers then you are pushed back.

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Since mobile phones are greatly demanded substances now days , if your competitor has a mobile blog site and you don’t have it then you will lag behind.

3. Popularity of mobile advertising

Advertisements helps a blogger to make money. Mobile advertising is also becoming very popular.

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It is an efficient way of reaching out to your targeted audience

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Advertisements posted on a mobile blog site will be acted upon by your users effectively. You have to make sure that advertisements are posted on those pages of your mobile blog site that are optimized for mobile applications. Check for your account settings before you allow an advertisement to be posted on your mobile blog site, so that it is visible to your users.

4. Attracts customers

If you wish to make money through sales and marketing then go for a mobile blog site.

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Your website visitors especially the loyal visitors will opt for purchasing those products whose advertisements are posted on your mobile blog site. This will increase the sales as well as the profit of the product’s company and the goodwill of your company. Your website will make the reputation of your company.

5. Enhances search engine rankings

Mobile blog sites are getting higher ranking on search engines. A mobile blog site  provides improved ranking on mobile friendly search engines such as google and yahoo.

Final Words

Technology is advancing, likes of people are increasing then why not try for new techniques. You have been using blog sites on computers and laptops now use it on mobile phones and make your users also do it. Your mobile blog site will give you a new edge as a blogger as well as a developer. There is no need for your users to sit on their computer tables to look for information, they can search for the information on the mobile blog site available.

Do you own a mobile blog site?

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