Top 5 reasons you should join blogging communities today!

Blogging-communitiesWhat are blogging communities ?

By the word community we understand a group of living beings staying together belonging to the same species, the ones who follow a similar living style and the ones who are like minded. Blogging communities are also something similar to these. It comprises of like minded bloggers belonging to the same niche and holding the similar kinds of passion.

It is these blogging communities that connects the bloggers of the blogosphere and gives them the opportunity to come together. Blogging is great fun because it gives you the privilege to be what you are, but it is fun provided that you are not isolated. These blogging communities are there to remove  your isolation.

Reasons of  joining blogging communities

1. You can reach out well to your targeted audience

Your targeted audience are the ones who take interest in your niche, the ones who are loyal to you and provide referral traffic to your blog. A blogging community will provide you with these audiences.

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When aiming to broaden the exposure of your blog you have to utilize all the available resources. There are millions and millions of internet surfers who turn to the internet to gather information of all sorts.

2. Open chances to meet the experienced bloggers

You as a newbie will require a lot of suggestions and blogging tips by the experienced bloggers. It is not possible to randomly look out for the experienced bloggers. Blogging communities will give you the chance to meet them.

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You can learn a lot from your fellow bloggers but do not self claim them to be your blogging gurus. Take the weightage of their suggestions and do not trust them blindly.

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3. Get traffic to your blog

Web traffic is a must need in this industry. If you have newly started blogging then it is not possible to be actively visible in the search engines and get a distinct Google ranking. You have to definitely put in a lot of efforts to get it. Social shares, referral traffic, quality back links are all responsible for it. Blogging communities are also there to help you out with it.

Members of the blogging communities will visit your blog if it appeals to them. When Google places value and search engine validity on your content, they consider a number of factors. One of these contributing factors are back links. Back links posted on the blogging communities are considered as high quality back links. The success of your blogging venture depends totally upon the amount of traffic you are driving.

4.   Minimize the time involved on doing researches

You can get most of the answers of your queries through the blogging communities. It contains the experts of the niche for which you have started writing now. The extensive time of yours which could have been utilized in writing is wasted on doing researches. Your concerns can be addressed through bulletin boards and chats.

5. Share blogging experiences

Experiences of other human beings are both positively and negatively influenced. Blogging communities gives you the opportunities to share them with your fellow bloggers and you know about them. But again the other side of the coin is there are times the fellow bloggers will not share real secrets all the time.

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Top Blogging Communities that should be joined by the bloggers

Blogging communities are many but the specific ones are as follows

1. Blog Engage

2. Gather

3. Blogger Luv

4. MMO Social Network

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If you wish to broaden your blogging audience then do not think twice to join the above mentioned blogging communities. It is not sufficient to make your friends know about your blogs. Collect the ones who are also a part of this profession which can be efficiently done by joining the blogging communities and joining is not enough- BE AN ACTIVE MEMBER OF IT.

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