Top 6 ways of how to launch a blog?

blog-launchTrust me, if you write a few blog posts for some other blogger you will feel like launching your own blog too- Blogging is such a charm. But you have to know the ways of how to launch a blog ? If you think that it is simple then there is a big NO to it. You have to do lots before and after it in order to launch a blog. Blogging is great way to launch a career and set up a business. Not only that, it also gives you an opportunity to meet like minded people. With such kind of prospects it is very important for you to know how to launch a blog?

Some bloggers put the steps in blogging very quietly and simple way and some put it in a lavish and a noisy way. Of course it is very much dependent upon the way of launching your blog.

Top 5 ways of how to launch a blog?

  • Amazing Content

Create a content so that users talk about it. An appreciation received by your readers will give you the enthusiasm to launch a blog. So prepare an amazing content before launching a blog. A content is amazing not only if it is written well but also if it has an eye-catchy post title.

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Besides having an amazing post title, suitably specific keywords should also be selected. You are blogging because you want to convey a message to your audience. If it doesn’t appeals out to your audience then drop that post and try for a new one.

Your content will turn out to be amazing only when you get positive comments for it, get shares and likes on social media sites and receive subscriptions for it.

  •  Guest Post Campaign

Making guest posts is turning out to be viral in the blogosphere. If you post a quality content in someone else’s blog then that particular blogger will get good amount of referral and quality traffic to their blog. And even you get quality back links for your blog too.

If guest writers visit your blog then your blog also gets the visits for it and the suitable amount of traffic. So a guest post campaign is good for the launch of a blog.

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Guest posting is a very efficient way of getting exposure as a blogger.

  • Create a network

Your fellow bloggers and your loyal visitors build your network. This is possible only when you interact with them. Following are the ways of building networks :-

1. Post valuable comments

It is very important to post valuable comments on the blogs of your niche. This will give you back links to your blog. Also they will come back in turn to your blog. Your reply to them will enhance good relation building with them.

2. Social shares

Your interaction with other bloggers and your visitors, on social media sites will make you an active member of the blogging network.

3. Outbound Links

Create outbound links to your post. If you link up the posts of other bloggers to your blog then they will notice your blog as the source of referral traffic. It is a positive sign for your blog to be noticed by the bloggers of your niche.

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  • Handy Post ideas

A newly launched blog should not run short of post ideas. So you should keep it handy with you. This repository for future use will be not halt the streamlined flow of your blog.

This is my regular practice of keeping a note book beside me every time I sit down to write. A sudden flash of a post idea in my mind is noted down and I check for the keywords in Google AdWords for the search volume and the competition of that particular keyword.

  • Suitable blog creation site

The most popular blogging platforms are – Blogger and WordPress

Blogger is owned by Google and is a free and a user-friendly site for blogging. Google is somewhat biased with the posts made on Blogger and you will also have Google traffic management tools at it’s disposal.

WordPress has a more wide variety of sophisticating tools for enhancing the promotion of your blogs. It one of the most feature rich platforms and also provides tons of design templates to be chosen from the widgets.

  • Give Rewards

Young or old, male or female, professional or domestic worker who doesn’t like to receive rewards? Give away prizes to your visitors for commenting, subscribing, guest posting or becoming a twitter follower. This will give them a push to take an active part in your blog.

Rewards can be like discounts or exciting offers for certain products, free downloads of plugins or e-books.

Overall Summary – How to launch a blog?

Be creative, be pro-active, be interactive and plan well before launching a blog. How to launch a blog? Ask this question to yourself and find what you are capable of doing? Find your answers in this post. So come back again with your valuable comments.


  1. Janmejai says

    Creating a good network is must,Lots of new bloggers ignore it but it’s the first and most important thing for a new blogger….

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