Top 7 reasons your online business should have a marketing blog

Online-Business-BlogIf you are into online business then you have to take part in a rat race in order to expand your business. One of the appropriate way is to have  an online business marketing blog. Instead of adopting the expensive marketing strategies a marketing blog is preferable. Internet is become an ongoing emerging source that tends to expand more and more. Different sorts of online businesses are upcoming at a rapid rate, in that case an online business marketing blog will provide a good platform for marketing.

It is a misconception among the businessmen that having an online business marketing blog is a time consuming process of increasing the popularity of the business but let me tell you that it gives fruitful results thereafter.

Top 7 reasons of having an online business marketing blog

1. Marketing in low budget

Cost feasibility is a very important factor in business. Blogs are cheap and free so why not have a marketing blog for your online business. There is no compulsion of having a separate web hosting site for your marketing blog, it can also be built into your existing main website. If you have an emerging business and need more hard work to spread its awareness then go in for creating an individual blog domain in-order to give a professional look.

2. Keep the customers intact

An online business marketing blog will keep the customers intact especially the old ones . It gives the latest updates of the newly launched products and the improvisation of the existing ones. Keep the post ideas handy for the marketing blog in  case if you fall short of the post ideas and inspirations for writing. Customer’s comments on marketing blogs will give you an idea of their expectations from your products which will make you enhance your business.

3. Convince Customers and spread brand awareness

No product can be sold out until and unless customers are convinced for it. An online business marketing blog is very helpful in this case. Customers are convinced regarding the loyalty of the product when they view positive feedback from other users of the product. The statistics and the review of the product can be put up in the blog which will convince the customers.

Brand awareness comes from successful marketing. Increased sales margin and its publicity online is responsible for making the  business products as brands.

4. Increase Web Traffic to the main website 

Having a marketing blog for an online business will bring in more traffic to the main website rather than the ones who don’t have a marketing blog.   Static websites don’t make the customers come back to them but blogs do because of  their changing content. A marketing blog can be popularized by making a quality blog post, social bookmarking, social shares, etc.  Traffic received by these posts will also be directed to the main website if linked to the blog.

So have an online business marketing blog if your website is remaining dormant without any website visitors.

5. Increase network with the other online businessmen

It is very important to build up relations with the co-businessmen in your field externally as well as internally. An online business marketing blog will provide a platform for this. Co-businessmen will give their suggestions and will even give illustrations of their own products. These marketing blogs will also connect them socially which builds up good relations.

6. Search Engine Optimization 

The various activities going on in marketing blog will rapidly increase the optimization of your website. Your website without a blog will take a lot of time to have a good page ranking in google. Instead if you have a blog then you have a good possibility of having a distinct ranking in google.

7. Give rewards to your customers 

Your business will increase if you value your customers by giving them gifts, offer discounts, subscriptions or downloads. Your online business marketing blog will help you to do it and will enhance the affinity of your business among your customers.

Final words on having an online business marketing blog

This online business marketing blog is turning out to be an essential wave in progressive online business. In this excessively competitive world and global markets,  marketing is  very important both for online and offline business. This blog very well explains the reasons having an online business marketing blog.

Do you have an online business marketing blog ?

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