Top 4 blogging communities which bloggers should join

Top-Blogging-CommunityYou know about social media sites where you can meet different people and interact with them. And you are very active on it too. but have you ever tried blogging communities. It is a very effective medium of promoting your blog posts. These blogging communities allows you to connect to like minded people of the same niche and of the same profession.

If you want to increase your exposure, alliances, learn form others who are highly experienced in blogging then try out blogging communities . It will strengthen your blogging experience.

Blogging is all of yours business but why to blog alone, let others know what you are blogging about and you get to know about them.

Top 4 blogging communities which bloggers should join

1. Blog Engage

Blog Engage is the oldest among the blogging communities. Besides providing an interesting blogging community it also provides a forum and social networks which is great for promoting your posts and meeting up new people.It offers an RSS service where you can link your RSS feed to the network and it will be posted on multiple PR3+ websites to help improve your SEO and back link profile. You get a good amount of traffic through blog engage.

2. Gather

Gather is a very active and robust blogging community. You can connect to thousands of people, share your perspectives and interact with them in conversations. Gather is a place where millions of people come for fresh perspectives and to know the latest happenings. Gather works with hundreds of freelance writers who start thousands of conversations each month. It allows you to post your status, stay up-to-date with your niche, subscribe to feeds of your interest,etc.

3. Blogger Luv

Blogger Luv is gaining a lot of buzz and momentum. This site has the potential to be the hub for the blogging community. It features a lot of passionate and active users. Like the other blogging communities blogger luv also creates groups and forums as well as status updates to keep in touch with your fellow bloggers. This site seems to blend the social interaction with the blog content very nicely.

4. MMO Social Network

MMO Social network established a few months ago has been growing steadily.  It allows to make money online and gives bloggers  the ability to communicate through this site. It also allows a referral traffic increase to your website. MMO Social Network is a learning ground for so many learners. It features posts from so many seasonal and experienced bloggers.

Advantages of using Blogging Communities

  • Makes readers come back to your site again and again.
  • Increase web traffic.
  • Get more and more blogging ideas.
  • Makes you in becoming a blog brand.
  • Increase interaction with fellow bloggers.
  • Facilitates the receipt of comments to your blog
  • Promotes your blog.


These blogging communities help you in coming to limelight among your other fellow bloggers. Are you active on these blogging communities? Social media sites helps you to interact with lot of people; the ones who are into blogging and the ones who are not. But blogging communities helps you to interact with only the bloggers. It is they who will know and will value your skills better.

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