Tricks to leverage Foursquare to connect personally to your readers

connect-personallyFoursquare is a location based social networking website for mobile devices such as smartphones. Users check in at venues using a mobile website, text messaging or mobile specific application, The service of Foursquare is available all over the world and it supports both international and domestic campaigns.

Foursquare is considered as one of hottest areas in mobile technology and is a geo-location based services that offers real time based interaction between your destination and online audience.

Tricks to leverage Foursquare to connect personally to your readers

Members use Foursquare to check in to the restaurants, movie theaters, airports, etc.

1. Connect with friends and followers

Foursquare like other social networking sites is used to connect with friends. Is is quickly accessible and can be downloaded in iPhones, blackberry, and other smartphones. Once these apps are installed then the phones the GPS of your phone will detect your location and the nearest business centers and buildings.In this way your friends can even know about it and come up to you and meet you. This will enhance your personal interaction with them and they will be able to arrange meetups with you.

Not only your friends, even your followers will be able to meet you.

2. Search for necessary location

Foursquare helps you find the nearby gas stations, restaurants, clothing stores and is more beneficial when you are in a different location or city.  You can even access a map for help in getting there. So you get across to your visitors through this.The maps provided by these apps helps you out through.

3. Know the insights of your visitors

Foursquare will enable you to gain invaluable insights and know the views of your visitors. Even it will enable you to depict the behaviorial patterns of the visitors . You can analyze visit trends as well as gain insights into their valuable brands.

4. Rewards and prizes increases visitors trust

Foursquare encourages the visitors visit by increasing the visitors loyalty and to attract more of them. Distributing rewards really facilitates it. These rewards and prizes can be like discounts, mobile coupons and other kinds of exciting prizes. This will enhance the visitors base and the loyalty of those who wins the rewards. A very fruitful thing for the newbies to have personal connection with the visitors.

5. Encourages campaigning

Foursquare encourages campaigning of the brands so that they can reach out to their audience. These campaigns will give the opportunity to the bloggers to interact with their visitors and enhance their personal mingling.

6. Foursquare provides customer information

This social networking website also gives the facility to provide customer information. This helps in knowing more about the visitors. You can know both their online and offline behavior. According to that personal connection can be made.

Final Words

Foursquare  offers a lot to the webmasters. They give the privilege to have a personal interaction with the visitors that also with the help of mobile phones.

So do you have a foursquare account and leverage it to connect personally to your readers? Shall in the connect box

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