Useful tips of making a blog brand

brandingIs there any blogger who doesn’t want to have a blog brand? I think No. Brands are self descriptive. For example Nokia, Fast Track, Raymond are popular brands. You don’t need to say much about these products because they have a brand name.

Won’t you love to establish a blog brand like problogger or shoutmeloud? Blogosphere is a very crowded place having new bloggers being born every day. Now it is up to you to stand up to the crowd; blog brand will help you in doing so.

To brand new blog, blogger has to brand its own personality first because your blog is a reflection of your personality. Newbies are hesitant at times to open  up in front of the crowd but they have to do it at some point of time to establish as a blog brand.

Tips of making a blog brand

1. Make a distinct writing style

Your writing style should be unique throughout your blog. Writing styles have many indications like consistent topics, consistent paragraph indentations, line spacing, font styles, image positions, etc. This is very important in making blog brands.

If you are an expert for writing on blogging or technical niche then restrict to it and don’t move on to medical niches suddenly, It you insert images on left side of your content then suddenly don’t go in for inserting it in the middle of the content. If you give explanations point wise then don’t switch over to paragraphs.

Brands are categorized for their consistency, so avoid making variations in order to become a blog brand. Your writing style should become a theme of your blog.

2. Brand yourself as a blogger to establish blog brand

A blogger can have a blog brand if he/she is a brand him / her self. But how to become a brand yourself? Check out

  • Guest Posts – Guest posts is a very efficient way to brand new blog. Make guest posts in some popular blogging site may be a blog brand and get good recognition as a brand blogger.  If visitors like your guest article then they will come back to your blog too if a link is provided to them.   

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  • Yahoo answers – The more efficiently you take part in yahoo answers the faster you become a brand blogger. Don’t forget to give links for your blog. Best yahoo answers contributes a lot in making blog brands.

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  • Commenting – Giving comments to good blog posts develops good relations with other bloggers who give also come back to your blog. The more you comment logically, the more popular you become and will have a blog brand one day.

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3. Social media sites creates blog brands

Social shares increase a lot of web traffic by encouraging visitors to visit your blog. But you have to make yourself recognizable in social media sites. An appropriate thing is to keep the same profile picture of your’s and the same username throughout. Constant changing of profile pictures at times deceive your audience and they are not able to recognize you.

4. Chose a proper theme color for your blog

Colors are one of the most eye-catching tools; so be very specific in choosing the color pallets. This is  an important factor in making blog brand. Your color choice should match with the theme of your blog and should not irritate the eyes of the reader so that they go never to come back.

5. Logos make blog brand

Have you ever come across any brand without a logo? Logos are a distinct feature of a brand. So to establish a blog brand create an appropriate logo fitting to your blog’s name. Also the color of the logo should match with the color of your blog.

6. Schedule you posts to be published at a fixed time

Fix a time to publish your post when you find it convenient to be visited by website visitors. This fixed publishing time will become a unique feature of your website. A blog brand should be consistent in all aspects then why not the publishing time.

7. Striking blog post title

Appropriate title only take the readers ahead with the rest of the article. A blog brand should have  a title worth it. Don’t make your blog’s name too long so that it sounds boring neither make it too short so that it doesn’t explain the topic. Your title should set the tone of your blog. A blog brand can only be established if it has a title which can invite visitors.

Among the seven tips choose the one which appropriate for your blog to become a blog brand. It is a dream of all the bloggers whether a newbie or experienced to have a blog brand, so adopt the following strategies to achieve it.


  1. Valentine Belonwu says

    Unfortunately most blogs have zero brand presence. They use cookie-cutter templates, generic headlines, and a presentation style that fails to fascinate or motivate. Your blog’s brand should tease, inspire, and support your adopted emotion. The layout, fonts, headline titles, sidebar color scheme, even link color scheme should serve thegoal of creating a specific emotional experience for your readers.

    Thanks for sharing ::)

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