Videos increases gravity of your posts. Check out how !!

Video-postPost gravity increases with the addition of images and videos to it. What you will explain in lengthy paragraphs these videos will say in a single play within one minute. A successful blogger requires and understands the need of videos which is responsible for increasing the post gravity.

A blog post without any usage of graphics looks like a barren plot with no plantations. So to increase the post gravity of yours, read this article to check out how it can be done.

How are videos responsible for increasing the post gravity?

1. Very much acceptable by the web

You have seen the popularity of You Tube and Vimeo.  It is very much appreciated by the viewers and even the search engines. Videos adds interactivity like hearing, seeing, connecting in a very powerful way.

2. Visitors cannot take their eyes away from it

A blog post having a video in it  will attract visitors very fast. Readers won’t like to read lengthy and over descriptive posts. It seems boring to them and they will not even read your article completely. But an eye-catchy and colorful article embraced with images and videos will not prevent the readers from reading it. It will create the first impression to your readers so that they have the enthusiasm to stay to your content.

3. Makes the post more presentable

Your videos will increase your post gravity because it will easily explain the title of your article. If you manage the right kind of videos then it is enough to reflect your article with a few words. This clean and visual feel of your post is good enough for the readers and if your content is guiding your readers then explain them with a video so that they can understand the various steps involved.

4. Entertaining way of delivering message

A video increases the post gravity more with the combination of sound effects, animation and of course visualization.   This will convey the message to your audience more effectively. A one minute video will entertainingly deliver message and that also in a very short span of time.

A video tutorial will cost you with a limited time and it will be entertaining. Your targeted audience will learn a lot from it. And if your tutorial is fully upon words then it will not entertain them. A video clearly conveys the essence of idea without spelling it out.

5. Bring in traffic from search engines

There are a number of video sharing sites where videos can be shared or bookmarked just like other conventional sites. In this way your video will bring traffic to your website too.  You will also get quality links to your blog.

Video encourages sharing of posts along with the video. People are very likely to share a great video online, that can make your video go viral.

6. Makes your post look lengthy

Videos can make your post look lengthy. So even if you don’t elaborate much with the words your post will as it is look lengthy. If you are writing a quick post then adding a video will take lesser time of yours in explaining what you want to do. In this way a post with lesser words will look lengthy and informative.


It is easier to see what makes video so attractive. Visitors like it and so do the search engines. It is gauge just how important search engines treat video in light of SEO.  This is the reason how videos increase the post gravity.

Do you agree with me that videos increases post gravity? What are the other ways adopted buy you in increasing the post gravity?

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