Ways of optimizing your website for mobile application

devicesYour website looks neat and clean and highly presentable when viewed in computers, but does it look the same in mobile application also? It is easily accessible by mouse click, is it easily accessible by hand touch also ? It is quickly loaded in computers, can it be easily loaded in mobile application too?

One common question for all the above questions is that is your website optimized for mobile application? If not then you still have to work hard on your website. It is one of the difficult aspects of web designing – to optimize your website for all sorts of devices.

So, I will share with you some of the ways of optimizing your website for mobile application.

  • Simplifying the contents of the website

While designing a website you should segregate the basic contents you want to add in your website. The reason of doing this is that, a mobile application has restricted amount of screen space available so use a specific number of contents only.

For say, if your website is designed for shopping mall then you should display only the items available, their prizes, their stock availability, contact information, etc in mobile application.  Any mobile user planning to go out for shopping can easily get the information with a quick access.

  • Keep minimum number of web pages

It takes a longer time to load a website in a mobile application than on a  computer or laptop. So keep as minimum web pages as you can so that it loads faster.

Mobile users are usually surfing your site when they are travelling or in a hurry. So they have limited time in hand to view the contents of the site. They prefer to have  a more streamlined kind of website.

  • Make use of mobile emulators

Mobile emulators helps you to get ideas how your website will look in different mobile devices. There are numerous tools available, some of them are :-

IBBDemo2 – This tool will help you to see the content as it would look on iPad and iPhone.

Android SDK – This tool helps in seeing the content as it would look on Android handsets.

Opera Mini Emulator – Opera has a desktop version of its mobile browser and lots of resources about designing for Opera mobile across platforms.

  • Use content management system (CMS)

CMS like WordPress or Drupal provide you a mobile plugin. There are a variety of versions of plugins available which can work on a variety of mobile application. Not only that you can also specify in which device you want to use the mobile style sheet and on which device you want to load the full web page.

  • Keep white spaces for mobile application

Less amount of white space is suitable in computers but not in mobile application. By making a proper utilization of white space your website will look neat and clean in mobile application. Also it helps in giving proper access to buttons. Users can click the buttons faster.

  • Do not use flash and java

Apple phones like iPhones does not support flash and java.  So users will not be able to view your website if they are iPhone users. About 30% of the smartphone users make use of iPhones. So keeping in mind their convenience, try avoiding flash and java.

  • Use style sheets for mobile application

By including a mobile style sheet for mobile application to your website,  it will either add or subtract a few features of the website to make it suitably visible over smart phones.

These modification of features is also dependent upon the type of mobile devices.

  • Make users type less

What I mean to say is that, make users type as little as possible. This is done by reducing the number of text entry boxes. Mobiles having a qwerty keypad make it difficult to type, especially the ones having fat fingers. The lesser the typing options a website will have, the more user-friendly it is for mobile applications.

  • Allow navigation for mobile applications

Let users view your entire website by inserting a sufficient amount of navigational links. By using this users can navigate from one web page to another.

Final Thoughts

Mobile users also contributes to a huge amount of web traffic for your website . So do not neglect them while designing your website. So in order to make your website globally usable implement ways of optimizing it for mobile application.

Have you optimized your website for mobile application? If yes, then how did you do it?

Bottom Line

Take the help of google analytics to find out the percentage of web traffic you are getting for your website from mobile application? If there are many then make it your top priority.


  1. Saurav says

    Hi!!! Sneha.

    Many thanks for sharing this lovely post. I am myself from technical background shall implement these “ways of optimization” on my website too. So, that it looks good even on mobile application.

  2. says

    Hi Saurav,

    Thanks for your comment. I am glad that this post will contribute to your website.
    Optimizing your website for mobile application is one of the challenges for a developer.

  3. mobile apps says

    Hi!!! Sneha.

    Many thanks for sharing this lovely post. I am myself from technical background shall implement these “ways of optimization” on my website too. So, that it looks good even on mobile application.

  4. says

    Hi there,

    A good percentage of our website visitors are the mobile users so we should consider these mobile optimization factors too at the time of website development. Thanks for visiting.

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