What are the advantages of working from home?

Work-From-homeA blogger has two working options – one is working from office and other is working from home. There are quite a few advantages of working from home for a blogger. It is quite stressful to work from office because of the time restrictions, the costs incurred, the office politics involved which deviates you from normal working. The ones who are into blogging as a hobby have a full freedom to work from home than the ones who are into professional blogging.

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The whole credit of the advantages of working from home goes to internet. This online world has opened up so many options that even the ones who has not gone out to work will not fall short of money. Since this blog of mine is all about blogging so I will share with you some of the advantages of working from home for a blogger.

Advantages of working from home

1. You are your own boss

Had you been blogging from your office as an employee then you would be answerable to your boss. You are answerable to some one else for any mistakes. You have to answer if you couldn’t complete your work and many more. But the advantages of working from home is that you are your own boss. You don’t have to answer anyone for any flaws.

Working under someone else means working at someone else’s convenience, But by working at home you are working at your own convenience. You are not restricted to work from 10 am to 7 pm. You can work any time you can feel like- either at 7 ‘o’ clock in the morning while having your bed tea or even before sleeping at night.

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2. Blog without stress

As I have told in my other blog posts that blogging is a time consuming and patience seeking job. It is stressful while working from office at a specific time restriction without taking breaks but your stress is quite relieved if you will work from home. You are free to take as many breaks as you can, go out for a stroll if you are too exhausted with blogging, shift to your relaxation place to blog which will sooth your brain.

One of the advantages of working from home is that you are not under the stress of any competition to beat other fellow bloggers. You are the competitor of your own self.

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3. Able to cut down expenses

The expenses involved while going to office are  travelling fares, fuel expenses, fooding expenses and many more . It is these expenses that are cut down if you work from home. This money saved can be utilized in something else. Like buying a domain for your blog, or if you don’t owe any then then you can even buy a website. It can also be utilized in incurring your personal expenses.

4. Away from negative influences

You come across many negative influences when you are working in the office. One of the the prime most thing is office politics. These politics among the colleagues hinder your work. Your attention is diverted to all sorts of useless talks which you could have utilized in blogging.

Other negative influences is the demoralization by your boss. Your flaws are noticed more than your capabilities. It takes time to fulfill the expectation of your boss. This puts your moral down. You are away from these negative influences when your work from home. There are only a few people who react positively against these negative influences. These are the moral advantages of working from home.

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5. Remain healthy

I would say that this is one of the important advantages of working from home. Working from office means stress of long hours, early rises in the morning and late sleep at night. In words less sleep. Excessive exertion, irregular meals, less leaves for holidays, etc. This will put your health down and make you sick. An exhausted mine cannot deliver quality blog posts.

Public means of transportation are also responsible for making one sick. Staying at home prevents you from catching infections of contagious diseases from your office colleagues. The more you are fall sick the less productive your work is. So remaining healthy means increased work productivity.

6. Reduce recession

Office workers are usually the sufferers of recession. A company may sack you if the shares are going down, the profit margin of the company is falling and for other reasons. In that case an employer will not afford to pay salary to his / her employees and will sack them. Recession is a degradation of the nation’s economy. This can be reduced if jobless people work from home. So reduced recession and overcoming it is one of the advantages of working from home.

Bottom line on the advantages of working from home

Home based work is increasing day by day. I have shared with you a few advantages of working from home but there are even more than that, which I would like you to share with me in the comments section. You can give more time to your family is one of the personal advantages of working from home.It is not that only the employees are getting the advantages of working from home. Even the employers can get such benefits. One such is reduced office expenses.

Do you know any other? If yes then share with me the other advantages of working from home which an employer will have.


    • lynne says

      I second that! Also, you have a lot less laundry! Nobody knows if you’re still in your pj’s or wearing sweatpants! I have worked from home for 10 years now! I love it!

      • says

        Great Iynne,

        10 years of working from home !. Working from home means no tension about the formal wears. One can work comfortably with comfortable clothes.

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