What are the benefits of blogging for a community?

Benifits-of-blogging-for-loyal-visitorsWebsite visitors visit your blog posts and do good for you. The benefits of blogging are mainly rewarded by your website visitors and especially the loyal visitors community. But what are you doing in turn to for them. Your visitors are devoting their precious time in reading your blog posts, they post lovely comments to your articles, they do the social shares and also bring in referral traffic to your blog but are they  getting any benefits in return?

The ones who are rewarding their visitors is well and good and the ones who are not should start doing from today. This article will share with you the benefits of blogging which you can share with your loyal visitors

The benefits of blogging that can be enjoyed by your visitors

1. Your loyal visitors will get useful information

The main motive behind blogging is making your visitors aware of something for which they are not aware of. This is one of the most important benefits of blogging which your visitors will enjoy. They become loyal to you because they enjoy reading your posts and you are appreciating their efforts by politely interacting with them and not making them feel left out. So keep them enjoying your content by relishing your blog with fresh content. The more you update your blog with new contents, the more your readers are drawn towards you.

2. Get rewards through Punch Tabs

Punch tab is a free service that rewards both people visiting your website and you as a blogger. The visitors visiting your site will get pop ups which will let them know about the rewards programs. Visitors get points and they are rewarded according to the points scored by them.

The following has to be done by the visitors to get points :-

  • Visit your blog
  • Like the articles posted on Facebook
  • Tweet it on twitter
  • Leave a comment

They will win 100 points when they visit your blog and can simply earn by just taking an active roll on your website. Such kind benefits if obtained from blogging then both visitors and the bloggers are happy.

3. Implementation of gamification

The essence of gamification is to convert a website’s still community into a lively carnival. Having thousands of monthly visitors is not that big an achievement, rather than having an active community. A community is actually a place where people actually discuss things, where they feel that they are a part of your website.

You can reward points and badges  and can make visitors strive to your website. There are many gamification platforms like Badgeville, BigDoor and Punch Tab. These platforms rewards the specific behavior of visitors like reading articles, commenting, sharing posts and by simply just visiting. It’s all about the rewards which depict the benefits of blogging.

Final Words on the benefits of blogging!!

Visitors are the life blood for any blog. No blog will be meaningful without website visitors. So getting people come and read your web writing is essential for your blog to survive. So they should be able to visualize the benefits of blogging, which is not possible for them to do it on their own. You have to put in efforts for it.

Make them realize that the benefits of blogging is enjoyed not only by you as a blogger but they will also enjoy.

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