What can we learn from Santa this Christmas on Blogging ?

Bloggers learn from their mistakes, from other experienced bloggers and even learn from our very own Santa Claus also. I realized these Christmas Blogging tips that Santa silently shared. Santa will not give you SEO tips but teaches a lot on Christmas Blogging and how to derive strength from his work.



What can we learn from Santa on Christmas Blogging on the eve of 25th December?

  • Never fails to deliver what he promises to do

Santa is much awaited by us every Christmas. We keep expectations from Santa with a trust that he will never let us down and will give us what we ask him for. Be a Santa For Your Website Visitors.

Your website visitors expect a lot from your blog. A new visitor will expect to get sufficient information from your blog, and a repeated visitor will expect to have, and as pleasing blog post as you delivered the previous time. What if you don’t stand up to their expectation? This will take them away from you.

If this has been happening to you, then use this Christmas blogging lesson from Santa on your Christmas blog post. I believe it will work for you.

  • Everyone is equal for Santa

Santa makes no distinction between rich and poor, ugly and beautiful, young and old. Treats everyone in the same way. Then we bloggers should also do the same.

Never differentiate between your visitors. Leave replies to all your comments, and thank all who shares your post on social media or help you some other way.

  • Brings joy to every one

Santa brings the smile on frown faces, lights up gloomy hearts, fills up a heart throbbing silence with jingling bells then why don’t we learn such Christmas Blogging virtues from Santa Clause.

Our readers read our blog posts for various reasons – [1] For information gathering purpose [2] For inspiration [3] For  learning new things [4] They like our presentation style [5] They treat you like a brand. In such a case, they are filled with joy if they get for what they are reading your blog posts. They will come back to you if they are happy with your posts. Try to impart or share something that would be of immense value to your readers. Then won’t forget your generosity and will give returns.

  • Santa gives without expectation

Santa does not expect anything in return after giving us gifts, happiness and joy. This is a very important Christmas Blogging lesson what we can learn from Santa.

A blogger should help his /her fellow blogger without any expectation. It is very good for a blogger to keep good relations with his fellow bloggers. This can be done by helping them without keeping any expectation. Much emphasis is given on the word EXPECTATION. It is not necessary that the one whom you are helping will help you in return at the time of your need. So as long as you give without expectation you will be ever happy.

  • Works with others to meet the goal 

Santa works with elf who helps him in the task of pleasing others, packing gifts, etc. Christmas Elves are diminutive creatures that stay with Santa as a helper.

On this eve of Christmas, Blogging takes the help of your friends, your fellow bloggers, your visitors. Your friends and fellow bloggers can give you post ideas, correct your mistakes and give you tips to improve your blogging. You can coordinate with your visitors in chat forums and online interviews. They will give an indirect help to you by sharing their likes and dislikes. This will make you know the do’s and dont about your visitors.

Final words on Christmas Blogging

So what did you learn from Santa on this eve of Christmas blogging? Santa not only gives gifts to us but also teaches a lot. He will not convey these Christmas blogging teachings through words but his gestures and virtues. All we bloggers have certain virtues that enhance our blogging skills; on this Christmas Eve let us inherit these Christmas Blogging virtues from Santa Claus and implement it on our blogs.

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    Hi Sneha,
    Well I must say that the concept is very interesting to read and the content is definitely very unique. All the points that you have shared are definitely informative and I specially like the fourth point that you have shared of meeting up with the goals. That is infact necessary. Thanks for the share!!

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