What do people blog about to make money?

There is no such work you would like to take up if it doesn’t monetize you. Same implies to blogging too. A very common question in the minds of the bloggers as well as blog readers are – What do people blog about to make money? Blogging is a time consuming patience seeking job. It takes days, months and even years to become have a blog brand but still bloggers keep on pumping effort and most often they finally succeed. How ? You again ask the same question to yourself – What do people  blog about to make money?

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What do people blog about to make money ?

The answer to this is there is nothing such that what do people blog about to make money. The purpose of me writing this article is to clear this notion  of the viewers and the bloggers. No matter what niche you choose it will earn you money provided you have enough of patience, you devote time, you make your content your strongest weapon to win this blogosphere war to come to the upfront. If you as a blogger want to make money but is only thinking that what do people blog about to make money ? Then you will up in getting not even peanuts.

The question should be how should people blog to make money ? and not What do people blog about to make money?

Answer to what do people blog about to make money ?

Blog about your niche and you will make money. It is very important to keep yourself restricted to the niche of your blog. Make your blog post relevant to the niche of your blog. This will help in bringing website visitors to your blog who have interest in that niche.

So NICHE is the hidden answer for the question – what do people blog about to make money ?

Preliminary steps of making money – Rather initial things you should do monetize your blog

The preliminary requirement of  a blogger  is that of getting web traffic. Web traffic is directly proportional to the number of website visitors / readers. You cannot monetize your blog if it is not having visitors. So I shall enlist below a few known ways to you to bring web traffic to your blog

  • Make guest posting and allow guest posting

Guest posting is a very efficient way of bringing web traffic to your site. If blog seeks a good number of visitors then they will be directed to your blog too. Similarly a quality guest post by a famous blogger in your blog will also bring visitors to your blog through the guest post.

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  • Target to have a blog brand

A blog brand is likely to have  a great number of website visitors. It is human psychology to have a blind faith on brands which makes them move towards it.  This is a reason of having good number of visitors in popular blogs. 

  • Do social shares

Social media sites is a very important way of interacting with your visitors and sharing your content with them. People know more about you as a blogger and you will be popularized through these social networking sites.

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  • Build up good relations

Good relations returns you with lots of things. May be not today or tomorrow  but after a year. Here I mean to say that build relations with your visitors and fellow bloggers. This is achieved by interacting with them, co-operating with them, fulfilling their demands, helping them and many more. They will spread out good words for you to make you a brand.

All the above written bulleted points were to contradict the question of what do people blog about to make money.

Ways through which money comes in through blogging

  • Pay Per Click Ads

Advertisements flush in a lot of money to your business. If blogging is  an online business  then why not use these ads there too. You make money every time your visitors click on these ads. So you should have sufficient number of website visitors to click on the ads. So make sure that you pass through the above mentioned preliminary steps and then go in for money making.

But contradictory to this also make sure that you don’t give too many ads so that users are unable to read your content.

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  • Affiliate Marketing

Building up good relations never goes a waste, that is why I have put it up as the preliminary money making step. The more you interact with the customers and deliver them trustworthy products, the stronger faith they will have on you. Tie up with businessmen to help them in promoting the sales of their product. The moment a visitor will click on the advertisement of the product or buys the same product through your blog, a percentage of the sales will be credited to you.

This is not a one day’s process. It will take you years to build up and strengthen the trust.

  • Subscriptions

Paid subscriptions for email newsletters and RSS feeds also pumps in money. Some of the bloggers offers free subscriptions but some offers the paid ones. Your loyal visitors having full faith in your words will not mind in investing money to subscribe to your blog to get the latest updates.

  • Membership Sites

Creating membership site is also a way of making money. More the people will pay to become a member of your site more revenue will be generated for you.

  • CPM Advertising Networks

In this you just make an income from the traffic you receive and the advertisement exposure the advertisers will receive. This a more effective way of making money because  you don’t even require any clicking by your visitors as in case of pay per click ads. You will get money for displaying ads to the visitors.

Do you still have this question in your mind that What do people blog about to make money?

I think that this post has convinced you that there is no such particular blog which makes a reader earn money rather it is not justified that what do people blog about to make money? It is not that a particular blogger will make money and others will not. No matter to what is the niche of the blog it will help in making you good money if you are able to get a sufficient web traffic and and use proper and smart money making strategy to get the money out of it.

Do you to this post as an answer for this question – What do people blog about to make money?

What is your opinion regarding this  –  What do people blog about to make money?

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