What is my klout score and how do I enhance it?

What is klout score ? What is my klout score ?  How do I enhance it? What is the impact of klout score ? So many questions you have in your mind regarding klout score. Why is it so? Is it that important? Offcourse Yes!


What is klout score?

Klout score – It is a single number that measures the influence of a person over social networking sites. klout score ranges between 1 to 100. The average is 40. The higher your score is the more influential you are over social media. Klout looks at your activities on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Tumbir. Klout score is correlated with both the volume and the quality of your social media activity.

 What is my klout score?

Oh!! don’t take it otherwise, I am not here to talk about my own klout score since I am in a process of increasing it and managed to score 50 from a mearly 35 in a period of 15-20 days. I am asking you to put up this question to yourself about your own klout score. Before thinking what is my klout score – do you know how to check your klout score. If not then note down the steps to find your klout score.

  1.  Register at klout.com
  2. Use your twitter or facebook to sign in.
  3. Give your full name and email address when asked for.
  4. After submitting this you will get your klout score.  

Now you have got the answer for the question – what is my klout score ?

How to enhance klout score ?

  • Be active on social media

The more active you are on social media sites the more you will give a hike to your klout score. This can be done by tweeting, posting comments, making spontaneous shares, etc. Your quick responding technique will also denote your activeness on social media. So if you are thinking why my klout score is not increasing then wake up and be active ! Results will start coming in.

  • Interconnecting with other networks

Klout gives you the opportunity to connect to the other networks. Like connecting twitter, facebook, foursquare, etc. This also increases your klout score.

  • Keep your interaction unbiased

It is not that you will become a high klout scorer if you interact with high scorers. Nothing like that. Even the low klout scorers will help you in increasing your klout score, Afterall it is all about interaction. Your interaction with the low scorers will benefit both of you. So instead of uselessly thinking what is my klout score, think how to increase  it.

  • Do not neglect

It is very likely for people to have a number of social media accounts. Do not focus on only one and neglect the other.
If you have more than one social accounts then focus equally on them. Do not neglect any of them. This will have a negative impact on klout score. Don’t forget that klout score is correlated to social networking sites. So your influence on all of them makes up your klout score.

  • Meaningful content

Klout score have a great impact on the bloggers. A blogger with a high klout score will fetch good amount of website visitors, good traffic, high popularity, etc. So a meaningful content will make visitors engaged in social networking. Of course you can’t leave them out, you should also join them and build up good relations with them. Once your community is built up your followers on social media will always wish to have something worth sharing.

  • Put up discussions 

Discussions keeps one engaged in conversations, and your engagement in social media sites shows your influence over them.Putting up questions is a very efficient way of putting up discussions. Different people have different answers to the questions, they have different opinions. So they have a lot more more to share. This will enhance your klout score.

  • Scheduling posts in proper time

`It is good to schedule posts rather randomly posting them.  Your targeted visitors have a specific time of reading your posts. If you have it for them by then they will have more interaction with you,even on social media which will increase your klout score.

Final words

If you don’t care much about klout score then don’t make it late any more especially if you are a blogger. Ask yourself – what is my klout score ? If you have a low klout score then  you have to adopt ways to increase it because it really contributes to your popularity.



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    Hi! Thanks for the article. Actually I am in a similar process as you with a similar score.
    I only have one question if you have any idea. Is it better to connect to klout my facebook page or my facebook profile? On the page I have more likes than friends and I post much more there. However, at the meantime the posts on my profile seem to have more engagement (more likes mostly)

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