What is the importance of website bounce rate in Google Analytics

Website bounce rate is the percentage of people who come to your site and immediately leave your site without going through the contents of your page. Website bounce rate is an internet marketing term used in web traffic analysis.

This website bounce rate is sometimes wrongly interpreted as the website exit rate. There is a thin line between these two – bounce rate is the percentage of visitors visiting your site and leaving without viewing any other page whereas exit rate is the percentage of visitors viewing your site and leaving it after seeing another page.


Interpretation of website bounce rate in Google Analytics

Google analytics uses this metric to measure the visit quality of the website. This analytical tool will determine the quality of the website to be not relevant enough to hold the visitors and make them view other pages of your website.

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Google Analytics interprets a high bounce rate to be bad and low bounce rate to be good. Blogs usually have a high bounce rate because visitors view the newly published blog post and leaves the blog without visiting other posts.

Importance of website bounce rate

1. You will feel the urge of improving the quality of your content

If your content is not up to the mark or is not relevant for the visitors to be attracted then it will have a higher website bounce rate. Google Analytics will give you these statistics so that you improve the flaws of your content. A content is usually irrelevant if it lacks sufficient information for the visitors

2. Need to improve the presentation of your website

An unimpressive website or a blog will never hold visitors and make them read more of the inner contents of it.

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High website bounce rate means visitors are not finding your site to be much appealing. So you ought to put some more light on the design of your website so that the bounce rate lowers down.

 3. High conversion rate

A high conversion rate is the result of low bounce rate and this conversion brings in customers and leads. A blog is a success if it has been able to convert website into loyal visitors and these loyal visitors only make the bounce rates fall.

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This conversion will improve your SEO by making your links popular. It will also enhance money making from blogs and websites.

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4. Maintain statistics of page views

All pages of your website are not getting the similar kind of visits. Some are getting more and some are getting less. Keep a record of the pages which are getting maximum views and make the design of the other pages too of the same standard.

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Advertisers account for those pages which are mostly viewed by visitors.

 5. Focus on keyword research

Keywords contribute a lot in bounce rates. Keywords bring visitors to your blog and website bounce rate is determined thereafter. Check for the keywords which are bringing traffic and whether the bounce rates are good. If not them improve the keyword research strategy.

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Final Words

So if 100 people are visiting your website and 60 of them are viewing other pages then the website bounce rate is 40 %. Once you view your statistical website bounce rates, you’ll need to start making minor changes and then run tests and see whether it improves over time. Make the relevant changes and rectify the fault of your website one by one and then check the website bounce rate.

What is your standard website bounce rate and how do you lower it, if it is high ?


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    Great post bro. Always we should try to reduce bounce rate, but if we have too many search engine traffic it is a really hard work.

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    Yes you are correct. Reducing the bounce rate with the search engine traffic is a bit hard. However I must say its not impossible. We are going to publish some tips on doing so, keep an watch here and thanks for dropping by.

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