Why is it important to have data back ups ?

backup-hard-driveI know that you feel lazy at times to take data back ups every night before shutting down your computer or laptop, but this little pain is better than the one which you will get after you loose all the data on your server. The hard drive of your computer can crash, your laptop can be stolen, your house or work place can catch fire, the deadly virus on your computer can swipe away all your important data, power outrages can damage your hard-drive. With so many horrifying incidents, isn’t it better to take data back ups ? You are very much similar to the technical consequences of not taking data back ups but let me make you aware of the non-technical consequences also.

Importance of data back ups and the consequences of not having it

1. You will be terribly demoralized

Your hard work for days long can get destroyed within seconds without any mercy if any of the above mentioned consequences happens. It took you such a lot of time to prepare those data and they were too helpful for you,  lack of data back ups will demoralize you from doing the whole hard labour once again. And even if you prepare the data all over again then it will not be of that remarkable quality as it was done before.

 2. Loss of data can can cause you monetary losses

The data stored by you costed you a lot of money to prepare it. Costs can be like man-power, electrical charges, cost of setting up the business, etc. The money invested in will be drained off, if the data is lost. There should be numerous data back ups which will help you in overcoming the data losses.

3. Your competitors can go ahead of you

This online as well as offline world is full of competition. A loss of a large volume of data can give a set back to your  business. You will lose time in recovering your lost data and in the mean time your competitors will go ahead of you. Have you had a proper a data backup of your server then this wouldn’t have happened.

4. Loss of time

Time is even more precious than money. Money once lost can still be earned again but time once lost will not come back again.  It costed you a lot of time to prepare the important data  and will take take you more time to prepare it once again in case if you lose the data,because you will lose all the energy and moral spirit to prepare it once again.

Conclusion Server-backup

Data back ups of servers is a very important phenomenon in this computing world. You are the sufferer in the bargain if don’t do it regularly. There are some kind of data that can be replaced if swiped up but the others are difficult to replace, so  it should be saved in a proper place where it is not destroyed, corrupted or stolen,

Have you ever experienced a sudden loss of data from your server ?

Are you into a habit of taking data back ups every day ?

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