Why is it so important to have an eye-catchy post title?

Eye-catchy-Post-titlePost title is the first thing that will be seen by the website visitors. So it is important to have an eye-catchy post title. As a blogger your first preference should be – that your post is being read. What if readers read the title and move away from your website? This is one of the most annoying thing that can happen. But let me tell you, it is bound to happen if you don’t choose an eye-catchy post title.

All your efforts put in to write the article will go a waste if it lacks a good title. As you know that “content is king” but let me tell you that this eye-catchy post title is the crown of the king.

Lets start the discussion on the importance of having an eye-catchy post title

1. Post title creates the first impression

Visitors read your article if it has a good blog post title. It creates the first impression of blog post which makes the readers decide whether they can read it further and stick to it till the end or simply just move away. If the title is not that impressive you can even end up with losing one visitor which is a huge loss for a blogger. So first impression of the post title is the last impression.

2. Easy for social shares

Eye-catchy post titles can be easily shared over social media sites like facebook, twitter, Google+,etc. Also good titles encourage visitors to do social shares which is very important in bringing web traffic. People over social media sites are busy enough to go through lengthy articles. So a short blog post with an eye-catchy title can be socially shared.

3. Explains the content

An eye-catchy and appropriate title for an article summarizes the entire content. The title of the blog article should be that powerful to make the reader understand what the content is about to deliver him/her.

4. Useful for search engine optimization

These post titles are useful for search engine optimization. The title should have the primary keyword in it which will be used by google bots to hike the google rankings. Presence of keywords in post titles makes the searching easier.

5. List posts attract more visitors

Post titles having numbers in it attract more visitors. For eg: 5 tips for search engine optimization, 10 best blogging tips, etc. Numbers are quickly interpreted by readers and they take keen interest in reading such kind of articles because they end up fast with it and get good information in a short time.

6. Post title should be simple and clear

Don’t go in for using too complicated post title. which is hard to understand. If your blog posts are diversified to more number of readers, then only it turns out to be successful. Keep the language of the title simple and clear so that it can be useful for people of all ages. Don’t elaborate the post title much. Keep it to the point.

7. Distinct font style

Apart from the language of the post title to be distinct it’s font style should also be distinct. Let the readers separate the content and the title. Using h1 heading style makes it distinct. You can also use a sober different color in the title to make it look distinct.

8. Some readers read only the heading

Some readers read only the post title and the sub headings and get a gist of what is written in the entire post. So make the work of the reader easy by giving an eye-catchy post title and meaningful sub heading.

People know you by your name, we purchase quality products because of their brand name, in the same way blog posts are read by website visitors only because of the post titles. They should be powerful enough to invite visitors and even hold them.

Do you agree with me that eye-catchy post titles are important?

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