Why WordPress Should Be your Blogging platform: Only If you Want to

Why to Choose WordPress

There is one platform that powers 25% of the websites in the world. In simple words, 25% of billions of websites is built using a single platform. Without any further delay, let me introduce you to WordPress. This is the same platform that is powering ReworkEngine that you are reading right now.

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and a content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL developed by Matt Mullenweg in 2003, since then WP has grown to be the most popular blogging platform in the blogosphere.

WordPress popularity has to do more with the ease of using it & it’s dynamic feature where one can build anything based on it. It was started as a blogging platform, but now it’s being used as creating niche based websites & now the apps with their new Rest-API. (More on it in upcoming articles).

For now, if you are a beginner & looking for the right platform, here are the things that you should know. Even if you have started using WordPress & don’t know these below-mentioned facts, you are missing out on a lot of things.

Why is WordPress the most popular choice?

There are so many blogging platforms out there in the blogosphere like BlogSpot, Tumble, Gho.st etc. but why all the newbies & serious bloggers use & recommend WordPress?

Here are the best reasons that will give you a better idea why you need to use WordPress as your blogging platform.


There are thousands of plugins out there in the WP plugin directory. They offer a wide range of benefits to choose from. The functionality of various plugins in the WP plugin directory work like a charm according to your blogging needs.

If there’s ONLY one reason for any blogger for using WP as a blogging platform on their sites, it would be the ‘availibility of plugins’. All the plugins have tremendous support, functionality, and results. This makes WP the best blogging platform than any other platform. Here are some of the popular places to download plugins for WordPress.

Free & Premium Themes:

WordPress themes

There are plenty of free WordPress themes available if you use WordPress as your blogging platform. That means if you are not satisfied with one theme, you can go for any other theme that you like.

There are hell lots of free themes (which are offered by WP itself) available if you use WordPress as your blogging platform. That means if you are not satisfied with one theme, you can go for any other theme that you like.

WordPress eco-system is so huge that you will find something of your choice. If not, you can always hire a freelancer from sites like Truelancer, UPWork to get a custom design & theme developed for you. For a starter who are looking for a free solution, there are plenty of WordPress themes out there. Those who are little serious can spend a little amount & grab an elegant looking WordPress theme. I prefer the later choice, as they come with free support & upgrade.  All these premium themes are very easy to customize, and they offer excellent support for their users. 

Here are few of the best resources for WordPress themes

Easy to update:

WordPress updates its versions very frequently to fix the bug problems or any other issues in the previous versions. Currently, WordPress is running on 4.4 version that is easy to customize, more flexible to handle even for the people who don’t know much about the technical parts of a website.

WordPress will notify you with the latest update versions whenever it gets updated. You ONLY need to backup your files before updating your blog to the latest WP versions. Here is a free guide on updating WordPress.

Most professionals use WP:

90% of the professional bloggers use WP as their blogging platform. Why? Because they know how great WordPress is. They know the value it offers, and they also know how user-friendly the WordPress websites are. If you are considering to build a better blog or if you want to make a living from your blogs, then you must consider using WP as a blogging platform on your blog. You REALLY won’t regret using WP on your blogs.


WordPress team has thousands of supporting staff to offer you great tips, tutorials, and resources whenever you are in problem. You don’t need to worry much about your blog when it needs support as the WP crew has solutions almost for any problem that you face on WP blogs. Here is the official forum to get free WordPress support.

SEO benefits:

Search engine optimization is the key to building any top blog, agree? If you don’t get search engine traffic to your blogs, it won’t last longer. You can climb the search results using WP on your sites. It offers great support to search engine optimization. WordPress is quite SEO friendly & with the help of some of plugins & themes you can sky-rocket your organic traffic. On one of my blog, I receive about 1 million page-views a month on my WordPress blog.

Here are some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress:

Unlike any other best blogging platform, WordPress offers great value to the users to optimize their blog posts for the search engines. Moreover, WP sites can rank better and quicker in the search results when compared to a static site.

Over to you:

Do let me know the best blogging platform that you use. What do you think about WordPres? Please share your thoughts below.

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