Why you should consider a to do list and evaluate yourself every week?

To-Do-ListA “To Do List ” is a prioritized list of all the tasks which has the important tasks listed on top and the less important ones are listed below. A to do list is must for those who are into a habit of missing out their important tasks, fail to maintain a proper sequence of tasks, are overloaded with a burden of tasks or are unable to evaluate the amount of work that has been done by them in a particular week or in a month.

To do list provides an easy way to manage time, especially the ones who have to do lots in a short span of time.

Reasons of maintaining a to do list

1. Organizes your work

To Do List is a very effective way of organizing your work. Work organization makes your task thoroughly manageable along with the time. To do list will tell the list of uncompleted tasks so that you can begin your work with these tasks on the next day before starting the new tasks. For example a to do list for a blogger contains he/she should post comments on other articles but same couldn’t be done so it can be done on the next day.

2. Helps you to remember your work

To do list is there to memorize your work which you might forget. The only thing which you have to remember is to have a glance at your list everyday. It is not possible on the part of a human being to remember every thing. So this list is there to do it.

3. Keeps your work on track

This list is there to keep your work on track and prevent you from deviating from your goal. It makes you state your goal and increases the likelihood of achieving it. And if you are procrastinator then it is an overall different story.

 4.Gives Motivatation

Things which you don’t like to do, this to do list will motivate you to do it. For say your goal is to monetize your blog and it is a patience seeking and time consuming work. The various steps involved in doing so can be mentioned in the list so that you don’t miss out anything. Also the list will motivate you to complete all the steps required to achieve your goal.

 5. Makes you realize the priority of work

You have a handful of tasks to accomplish and have limited time in hand. In that case this list will help you in prioritizing your work so that you can segregate the important work to be done first and the less important ones to be done later.

6. Enhances evaluation of work

You can even evaluate the productivity of your work through this to do  list. This evaluation can be done weekly or monthly. You go through the list of tasks that you were supposed to accomplish in a week and review how it has been done and how productive it is. Also the uncompleted tasks will make you realize where you have lagged behind in accomplishing them. A well planned work is more productive than the unplanned ones.

 7. Relieves stress

Though you have a long list tasks in the to do list but you will be relieved by knowing that some of them can be completed later. This will relieve your stress and will make you feel less burdened so that you can carry on your urgent tasks smoothly.

8. Helps in proper management of time

No matter what kind of work you are involved into but proper management of time will overwhelm you to do all kinds of work. You can even take proper breaks from your work if it is managed properly.

9. Boosts your confidence

You will tick against the work in the to do list which you have accomplished. This will boost your confidence in a particular work sphere and you will feel like doing more of it.

 Final Words on “To Do List”

So, start maintaining a to do list if you haven’t been doing that. It makes you realize the urgency of work and prevents you from being unfocused. This list is a way for a person to identify demands placed on them and proactively manage and reduce stress by being in a position where they dictate what and when they do things rather than being pushed and pulled between tasks, which only increases stress and results in reduced productivity.

Do you maintain a to do list for yourself ? What steps do you follow in doing so ? What are the tasks that you should enlist in this list.

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