Why you should help fellow bloggers without any expectation ?

If you wish to become a famous blogger among the visitors then you should first become a favorite among your fellow bloggers. This is done by helping them out without keeping any expectations. There are various ways of helping your fellow bloggers like giving them blogging tips by publishing blogging articles, Posting positive comments for their blog posts to enhance the popularity of their blogs, sharing their contents on social media sites, etc. But you will be an emotional sufferer in the bargain if you keep any sort of expectation from your fellow bloggers.

The post title can be split into two and explained separately. First is Reasons of helping your fellow bloggers and the  second is Why to help fellow bloggers without any expectation.expectation

Reasons of helping fellow bloggers

Helping your fellow bloggers will not only help them but will also be beneficial for you. Read the below points to know the positive impacts you will have after helping them out.

  • Helping fellow bloggers will take you at superior position

If your fellow bloggers are asking for your help and you succeed in that, then you will be considered at a superior position in the eyes of the blogger. Your help on a serious issue to them and the genuineness of your fellow bloggers to remember your help, will help you in being branded as an expedite in that particular niche.

It will be these bloggers only who will share good words on your fame online through social networking but at the same time there are many mean people in this online world too who will forget your deeds and will never turn up again. But still you will be the gainer. Read the next point to know it how?

  • Gives you post ideas

Say, you are an expert in the technical field and one of your fellow bloggers have been stuck up on technical issues. You have resolved it by personally communicating with him /her. This will give you a post idea of how to resolve such kind of technical problems. If that problem solving technique is helping one blogger then it will help other bloggers too.

As it is a common saying among the bloggers that ” if your blog post has proved to be helpful to at least one then it is valuable enough “.

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  • Build up good relations with other fellow bloggers

Helping someone will gift you a friend in return. You will be able to build up good relations wit the bloggers of your community. This will give you added benefits like increase in web traffic and making money from blogging.

  • Monetizing your blog post

You are blogging definitely not for free, but for making money. Money can be made by clicking on advertisements, displaying advertisements, making subscriptions, etc. You require a lot more  loyal visitors for this. So, if you have your fellow bloggers in good relations with you then it will facilitate your money margin.

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 Why to help fellow bloggers without any expectation

It is human to keep expectations from someone to whom you do something good. But if it doesn’t come up to that level of expectation then it turns out to be all the more demoralizing. The upcoming points will tell you the reason of helping fellow bloggers but not expecting.

  •  Feelings get hurt

You went up in giving your heart and soul to help your fellow blogger and took him / her out of the problem for which one was seeking help. You expected the bloggers help too at the time of your need but he/she din’t turn up. This will only hurt your feeling.

  • Demoralization

Not getting back links is a very common evidence of demoralization. You post comments on the blogs of other bloggers with an expectation of getting sufficient back links for your blog post too. Commenting will help your fellow bloggers to get popularity and back links are beneficial for back links purposes. What if your fellow bloggers don’t come back to your blog or a few of them came and others dint. This will demoralize you from positng comments.

Motive of the blog post

My main motive of making this blog post is to prevent my co-bloggers from being demoralized in case if you help your fellow bloggers but they don’t turn up to you.  You will never be the loser in any case.

In what ways do you help your fellow bloggers? Share with me in the comment section.


  1. The Guy says

    Thanks for the tips here. I’ve been blogging for around 4 months now. Through regular tracking and communicating with fellow bloggers in my area I’m seeing a great level of companionship and support. Through mutual support we get to know each other without ever meeting face to face. I’m also pleasantly surprised at the level of support and assistance offered freely to be by the generosity of others.

  2. says

    Hi The Guy,

    Thanks for visiting and sharing your valuable experience with your fellow bloggers.
    It’s good to get some thing great for which you haven’t been expecting.

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