Windows Live Writer in combination with WordPress- How far does it work?

Windows_Live_WriterWindows Live Writer is a Microsoft product and is a desktop publishing application that supports many blogs like WordPress, Blogspot, Windows Live Spaces, Typepad and many more. If you are handling many blogs then windows live writer is preferable to be used. This lets you blog with great comfort and makes it far more easier for you. Windows Live Writer can be used for free and can be freely downloaded.

Once installed it will prompt you to add a new blog or an already existing one.

Benefits of using Windows Live Writer in combination with WordPress

1. Auto save the posts in drafts

Windows Live Writer gives you the comfort of writing posts without the headache of saving it. Of course you should be in a habit of saving it manually also. This provides a backup mechanism for your work and saves it from being lost in case of any errors.

2. Blog offline

Once you have sufficient information with you to write about, you can even do it offline. You can write it offline and can save it to be published in the near future. This blog editor provides you with numerous blogging tools that will make you blog with great ease. Such kind of a tool is greatly helpful at the time of internet connection failure. You don’t have to compromise with your writing intention with Windows Live Writer.

3. Provides multiple blog support

If you are handing multiple blogs then there is no need for you to worry about the updates of each one of them with fresh content. You can publish content for all of them in Windows Live Writer. It not only supports multiple blogs but also multiple platforms. You can blog from consistent platforms on multiple blogs.

4. Supports keyboard shortcuts

Your hand is on your keyword when you are writing, in that case your work will speed up more if you use shortcuts on keyboard. So you don’t have to stop the flow of your hand by clicking on the mouse.

5.   Presence of Image Wizard

This provides the facility to edit the images like cropping and re-sizing the images. The thumbnails of the images can also be created and the image can be previewed by simply just clicking on it.

6. User friendly Interface

This blog editing tool has a very preferable interface. It gives a similar feel to the newer Microsoft application like Microsoft office and Microsoft outlook. It is significantly less cluttered.

7.  Easy writing of posts

Windows Live Writer lets you write posts easily. There are three available panes in this tool – Edit, Preview and Source. The edit pane gives you the standard visual editor. So even if you don’t use HTML and CSS, you can use this. You can see headings, links and photos through preview pane. The source pane allows you to edit the source of your post or if you want to add or change any html.

8. Adding media to the posts

You add videos, image gallery or even embed in videos from You Tube. Vimeo or other source of videos. These media files can either be taken from your computer or from online. The picture effects in Windows Live Writer lets you change colors, sharpen images or blur it and add other simple effects to your photos.

Concluding words on Windows Live Writer

Finally, all I have to say is that Windows Live Writer is a great way to maintain and write for several blogs. It has some of the added up features which are not even present in some of the blogging platforms.

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Are you a user of Windows live writer?


  1. ara says

    I have been using WLW for a long time now, I really want to switch posting Videos with Vimeo instead of You Tube but to no avail. When I go to from “Video Service” only You Tube comes up. When I go to “From the Web” and insert either a Vimeo embed code or URL [given to me by my Vimeo] it says it cannot find it. I know there is a way to do it. Any ideas?
    Thanks for sharing. Ara

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